Colorado Gold Panning & Prospecting Locations

In the Denver Metro Area! 

Colorado Free gold panning  areas you are allowed to pan and prospect!

Colorado Gold
Colorado gold panning and prospecting in CLEAR CREEK – From tunnel #1- #3 and to the confluence of South Platte.  Be careful of the habitat renewal projects in Clear Creek.  Read all of the signs and take care of the environment!




Clear Creek Gold Panning & Prospecting

  1. North Fork of Clear Creek at the split of Hwy 6 and Hwy 119 going 2 miles to Blackhawk.
  2. Clear Creek on Hwy 6 just west of Golden from tunnel #1 to tunnel #3.
  3. Clear Creek History Park at 1020 11th St, Golden Colorado
  4. Clear Creek from I-70 and Wadsworth to its confluence with the South Platte.
  5. DO NOT GOLD PAN IN WHEAT RIDGE COLORADO!!  It’s is illegal to pan for gold in Wheatridge.
  6. Confluence Park on E 74th street west of HWY 85.
  7. Clear Creek in Denver at 70th and Gilpin.
  8. Clear Creek in Denver at 68th and Broadway.

ROLSTON CREEK Gold Panning & Prospecting

  1. Gold Strike Park in Arvada Colorado at 5500 west 56th Ave, Arvada Colorado
  2. Memorial Park at 7701 W 59th Ave, Arvada Colorado
  3. Hoskinson Park at 8401 W 59th, Arvada Colorado

DOWN TOWN DENVER Gold Panning & Prospecting

  1. Confluence Park at 2250 15th St, Denver Colorado




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4 comments on “Colorado Gold Panning & Prospecting Locations
  1. Red Wilcox says:

    Recently Jefferson County appointed Wheat Ridge, CO the managing authority of a new prospecting park at Clear Creek and I-70. Take the West 32nd Ave. from I-70 and travel north on Youngfield service road to parking lot. No motorized equipment except for 12 volt gear. This is an historic area originally called “Arapahoe Bar.” Read the sign in the parking lot for more information.

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks. That is good info. Also a great place to take the gold Cube and a hand dredge.

  3. Fellow Seeker says:

    If you go to Arapahoe Bar, park in the paved lot east of the highway (take Youngfield not the service road) and walk west underneath the bridges until you get to the gold panning area (which is a tenth of a mile long and is clearly marked with signs). There have been recent vehicle break-ins at the dirt parking lot on the west side of the highway so avoid it. Except to go read the historic info sign of course. Whatever you do, DO NOT dig into the bank right next to the bike path on the south side of the creek or Wheat Ridge will shut down our prospecting privileges again!!! The city would much rather see dozens of joggers and cyclists enjoying an undamaged concrete bike path than a handful of guys with shovels and buckets attempting to destroy that amenity. Remember it will cost the city much more to fix the bike path if it ever caves in than the amount of gold you will obtain by digging underneath it. Please respect the south bank!

    Also note I spent 2 hours sampling the confluence at Gold Strike Park and only found hints of gold. Maybe you will strike gold at Gold Strike Park but I sure didn’t.

  4. Marc says:

    Thank you for the great info! We all appreciate it. Also to everyone! Please see the gold panning code of ethics for a refresher at this link:

    We all need to take care of the land so we can have access to it for many years to come. It would suck if they put more restrictions on panning and mining then we already have. Good luck panning!

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Brilliant based in south Australia and am now in the process of looking to start this as a hobby...ive been doing some research and in all honesty this is the first video ive seen which uses a common sense methodology to looking for gold. Well done on a brilliant, clear and informative... locolacapesa

You’re giving good advice that goes for a lot of other things. So thanks! jayhawk184

Very informative, thanks for sharing I will take a look at all of your other info, Colin Walker


Good video Marc....... So far, I've enjoyed it all. PayLoadJim

I’m with you I sample like crazy...sample sample you will find it some time. great tip thanks Marc! Calvin Goldmin

Thanks Marc.... Yes, your advice is very useful;especially to a 'new-bee'. David Tullos

Best advice marc said "It's all in your head, sample sample sample, don't stop" GalderIncarnate

Informative!! Janice Liddle

Great info and advice, thanks marc hope you strike big eventually :). I've just started panning here in Scotland. Maniel E

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