Fine Gold Recovery And Fast Final Clean-up

Fine Gold Recovery And Fast Final Clean-up

By Marc Prinz

gold in pan with gold in it

I get asked a lot about how to process gold concentrates fast and get fine gold out of black sand. In this article I will give you an example of how I learned to approach fine gold recovery from concentrates and black sand. This process is the fastest I have used.

I have seen and processed a lot of black sand over the years and have had the opportunity to use many different methods to get the gold out of my concentrates. In my learning process I ‘m sure I have missed out on a lot of gold over the years that I could have recovered. Only if I knew then what I know now! I’m fortunate enough to have worked a lot with very fine gold that is notorious for being hard to recover.

The first thing is knowing that you must classify your gold concentrates first. The more you can classify your gold concentrates to the same size of your gold the more gold you will be able to recover with the right process and equipment. You can classify gold concentrates very fast and efficiently with screens. I personally use bucket screens sizes: 4,8,12 and they get smaller from there. The screens are made of wire mesh with each square in the wire mesh being the same size. As an example the #4 screen represents the size of a ¼ inch square and the #8 represents a 1/8 inch square and so on. If you want to see what they look like or need good classifier screens click the link below.


I follow these steps below:

Gold-Cube1. Dry out all gold concentrates. You can do this wet if you prefer right at the river. I prefer to collect my gold concentrates throughout the summer until I have several buckets full. I process all of my gold concentrates in the winter months and let my gold concentrates dry in large plastic concrete mixing tubes until I am ready to work them. You can get these tubes at your local hardware store.

2. Screen all or the concentrates through a #4 and then a #8 screen. Inspect the larger material from the top of the #4 screen for large gold flakes or nuggets. All of the material that is on top of the #8 screen can be panned out very quickly. The material that has passed through the bottom of the #8 screen will be saved for the next step.

3. All of the #8 screen material will now be processed by the Gold Cube Concentrator. If you do not know what a Gold cube is learn about it by clicking HERE. You should not run material through the Gold Cube Concentrator unless it has been screened down to a number #8 screen. You can run all of your gold concentrates through the Gold Cube Concentrator very fast. The Gold Cube Concentrator will process a 1000 Lbs. of material an hour. Once all of your gold concentrate material has been run through your Gold Cube Concentrator you will be left with about 1 cup of super concentrated material. 1 cup of super gold concentrate is a very small amount of material to work with and is processed fast. Also, I don’t worry about running my concentrate material twice because the Gold Cube Concentrator will catch 98% of the gold in my gold concentrates. You can learn more about this awesome technology or buy one from the guys who make it clicking HERE.


4. Dry out the 1 cup of gold concentrate material from the Gold Cube and screen it with a #12 screen. You can dry your small batch of material on a hot plate with a pan. Use a magnet to pull all of the magnetic black sand off of the material that is on top of the #12 screen. The material that has fallen through the #12 screen will now go through a spiral wheel.

5. There are many different spiral wheels on the market today and each one has its own special settings. When running the fine #12 screened gold concentrate material through my spiral wheel I set it up so that the water and speed are both slow. Set the wheel with just enough pitch to get the gold and a tinny bit of black sand. I will run my material twice through the spiral wheel.

6. Dry out all of the concentrates that you want to clean out even more and then using paper and a fine paint brush slowly clean out the remaining black sand.

This may sound like it takes a while but it is a very fast way to process large amounts of material. Just remember to classify your material. Let me know how you process your material or give me feedback on this article.

Good Luck Prospecting!

Let me know what you think.  Have you found a better faster way to clean your gold?


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