Gold Cube Concentrator Review, Gold Banker Review & Field Test

By Marc Prinz

Gold Cube Gold Banker Deluxe

  Many of you know that I am a gold panning and prospecting guide and go out often. I also have used a lot of gold prospecting equipment over the years for better or worse. In this post I will tell you about my first Gold Cube Concentrator review, field test and experience.

  I got a call from my gold prospecting buddy to come down to the river and see his new amazing gold toy he was so proud of. He did not tell me what it was and after hanging up the phone I was riddled with all kinds of thoughts about what he had. Does it really work? I personally do not like the snake oil tricks manufactures play and marketing games touting their gold prospecting equipment as the best gold getting thing on the planet. I am a very skeptical gold prospector and tend to just stick with what is proven that works.



  Once I was down at the river and saw what he had I started shaking my head as I was walking up to the Gold Cube Concentrator and looking at him with a look of pain. I had never seen one before and have only just head of it. He brought it down to the river in a plastic tub. I asked him how much it weighed and how it was to set up. He said it was very light and only took him several minutes to set it up.

  He proceeded to show me all of the Gold Cube Concentrator ins and outs. He showed me how it was set up and talked to me about what it does and how it works and I was still skeptical.

  The area we work is notorious for having ultra fine gold. He said the Gold Cube Concentrator will get it! I also know that 90% of all the gold I will get is fine gold and if what he is saying is true then the Gold Cube Concentrator will be an awesome benefit to me.

  For the next several hours we ran as much material as we could get through the Gold Cube Concentrator. We used it two different ways. We first classified all of the material to 1/8” with one of my bucket classifiers and then ran all of the classified material through the top slick plate with a big plastic scoop spoon. The second method was to use it as a highbanker and shovel as much material in it as we could. He had bought the Gold Banker attachment that comes with a spray bar and nugget trap. The Gold Banker set up was fast and easy. It worked great! All of the rock and gravel was washed and discarded with no trouble.

  After highbanking with the Gold Cube Concentrator we lifted the Gold Banker off and cleaned the separator trays out right there in the river. It is very easy to clean and took just a few minutes.

  We could not believe how much fine gold we got out of that river material. All the ultra fine gold was just sitting at the top of the first separator tray. It was beautiful! I really feel like I was getting the most out of all the material I ran through the Gold Cube Concentrator. A big plus in my mind is that the Gold Cube Concentrator takes the surface tension of the water and makes the gold go straight to the bottom of the G-Force Separator. The two guys who invented this Mike Pung and Red Wilcox did all of us gold panning prospectors a huge favor inventing this awesome technology.

  We had been so excited with gold fever and about seeing all of that gold in the first separator tray that we wanted to work for another hour. We only had a few cups of material at the end of the day and saved all of it to clean up at home.

  At the end of the day it was very easy and light to pack up and put in the truck. We had it all cleaned and we were on the road heading home in just a few minutes.

  Over the next month I used Gold Cube Concentrator several more times in the river and at the house. I cleaned 5 buckets of gold concentrates from my suction dredge in less than 20 minutes. That is crazy fast compared to the spiral wheel I was using and much more efficient than the mini sluice I use. I loved how fast it processed all of my concentrates down to just a few cups at the house. Now, I use the Gold Cube Concentrator first and then the spiral wheel. Doing this has saved me hours of gold clean up. I bought one soon after that and now take it with me every gold prospecting trip out. The gold cube concentrator gets an A++ in my book. If you want to see one or buy one you can get it direct from the cool guys that make it by clicking HERE.

Gold Cube Concentrator review list:

1. It has amazing technology with three stages of gold separation!

2. The Gold Cube Concentrator is easy to move. Light weight and portable.

3. It is small enough to put in the trunk of my car.

4. It is made of very tough material and will last many years.

5. The sides have viewing holes so you can see all the gold.

6. You do not need to have a level or special skills and knowledge to use it.

7. The Gold Banker attachment is awesome! You can use it right in the river.  UPDATE!!  They have a new trommel that works very well now.

8. It processes material very fast at a rate of 1000 Lbs. per hour. THAT’S A LOT! That means more material less time. More material processed equals more gold.

Learn more about this awesome technology or buy one direct from the guys who make it HERE!











What do you think? Do you have a gold cube concentrator with a trommel and love it or hate it?

2 comments on “Gold Cube Concentrator Review, Gold Banker Review & Field Test
  1. Walter Evens says:

    Like many prospectors I had several buckets of concentrates sitting around my garage. Most had been hand panned in a tub out in the desert. I classified it down to 1/8 inch. I ran them first through the Gold Cube. Anything above 30 mesh went in to a spiral wheel, anything smaller, the Blue Bowl.

    There must have been about 8 various sized vessels of dirt. I recovered about ½ ounce from my efforts. Either the Gold Cube works very well or my friends and I are lousy panners. I’d like to think it’s the Cube!

  2. Marc says:

    Ya, the Gold Cube is AWESOME!!! I love how well it gets the fine gold. I do not like how long it takes to use the Blue Bowl. Thanks for the comments. Good luck prospecting!

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