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Gold Cube

The AMAZING #1 Selling GOLD CUBE For Sale

GOLD CUBE CONCENTRATOR for sale Here! The Gold Cube Concentrator is the fastest easiest to use fine gold recovery system and most durable gold Concentrator on the market today! Learn all about it!

Watch the GOLD CUBE video below and read on my friends!

Gold Cube Complete Kit Glam Shot 287x300 Marc prinz

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Gold cube concentrator is without a doubt my favorite piece of gold recovery equipment! I love it and so do my prospecting friends. We all run a lot of material through our gold recovery equipment and need a easy FAST gold recovery system to handle all of our concentrates without having to run our material twice. You only have to run your material once in the Gold Cube Concentrator because it is such an efficient fine gold recovery system. GOLD CUBE’s intelligent design technology coupled with the Vortex matting cannot be beet by any other fine gold recovery system or fine gold concentrator equipment on the market today that we know of. We have also use this as a high banker in the river and it works great with the Gold Banker Screen attachment. The best part about it, and the thing I think everyone will love, is that the Gold Cube Concentrator is very easy to move around and transport not to mention use and operate in the river or at home!


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It is awesome not wasting a lot of time processing material? Gold Cube Concentrator can process tons of concentrates in a very short period of time. We are talking about minutes here at a rate of 1000 pounds of material an hour and it process it all down to just a few ounces of material!

Gold Cube Concentrator is very versatile and can be used almost anywhere. It is small enough to put in a small car. You can use it anywhere at home or right there in the river, creek or stream. You can use it as a high banker or just for finishing your black sand or concentrates to get even that fine gold out.

Gold Cube Concentrator is made of thick unbreakable plastic LDPE (low density polyethylene) and you can add more of these durable concentrator plates if needed or get a screen attachment for high banking.

 Gold Cube From Dakota Fred’s Gold Cube from the

Discovery Channel’s

“Gold Rush” TV Show.

P Dakota Fred wCube 300x225 Marc prinz

Gold Cube Concentrator consists of 1 slick plate and two concentrator trays, but add as many trays as you like, depending on your specific needs and location; it’s totally up to you!

1.  Fiddle-free water control and slick plate.
2.   Unique G-Force technology cleans and separates the gold.
3.  Vortex matting traps gold and self cleans for hours of use.
4.  A patent-pending, proven product backed by countless hours of research & development!

Scroll down this page to learn more about how and why the Gold Cube Concentrator works so well. Watch the video, too!

The NEW Gold Banker!

Gold Banker Deluxe Marc prinz


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The Gold Banker Gold Cube is now shovel ready to use as a highbanker. No more laborous effort needs to go into classifying all of your material! You can shovel directly into the Gold Cube Gold Bank!!! The all new 3/16th punch plate topper acts like a huge classifier. If you already own a Gold Cube Concentrator you can buy just the Gold Banker top attachment and the extensions that will fit your existing Gold Cube Concentrator.

The Gold Banker has an adjustable spay bar and is constructed of thick ABS material that is built to last. You can get the 3/16th punch topper plate in either anodized or stainless steel when you order.

NOTE: When working around salt water you will want to choose the stainless steel and when working in fresh water you can use the less expensive anodized version.


Topper Base Kit Knockout Cube 225x300 Marc prinz

Gold Banker Anodized Top Unit Only Fits on Gold Cube Stand and includes: Nugget Trap Tray, 3/16th Punch Plate, Stand Adapters, Spray Bar, 5 ft. Hose


ONLY $275.00

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Gold Cube 4 Stack Deluxe For Sale

Gold Cube 4 stack delux Complete1 298x300 Marc prinz


For Sale ONLY $479.95

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4-Stack Deluxe Gold Cube includes: One Slick Plate, Three Separator Trays, Stand, Pump, Hose, Hose Adapters

Gold Cube 4 Stack For Sale

Gold Cube 4 Stack Solo1 291x300 Marc prinz


 For Sale ONLY $419.95

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4-Stack Gold Cube includes: One Slick Plate, Three Separator Trays, Hose and Adapters.

Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe For Sale

Gold Cube 3 Stack Delux Complete 263x300 Marc prinz


 For Sale ONLY $389.95

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3-Stack Gold Cube Deluxe includes: 1 Slick Plate, 2 Separator Trays, Stand, Pump, Hose, Hose Adapters

Gold Cube 3 Stack For Sale

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 For Sale ONLY $329.95

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3-Stack includes: 1 Slick Plate, 2 Separator Trays, Hose and Adapters

Gold Cube Single Separator Tray For Sale

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For Sale ONLY $99.00

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Single Separator Tray weighs 5 lbs.

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Slick Plate. The slick plate on the Gold Cube Concentrator has a precisely controlled water flow that is designed to process very large amounts of 8 mesh and smaller material in a very short time. With controlled water flow, the slick plate does 2 things:

1. It turns aggregate material into a slurry, and

2. The water flow forces the lighter particles ahead of the heavier material.

It is quite exciting to actually see your fine gold creeping down the slick plate! Gold, the heaviest element in the slurry, will be the last to reach the trough.

G-Force Separator. The slurry then falls into a gated trough and will be forced under water. Then centrifugal force will force the gold to the outer edge of the rounded trough. The slurry will then exit the trough on the opposite side of the gate. After exiting the gated trough, the slurry is forced to stand up and form a column. The purpose of this column is to actively stack the particles by specific gravity. Lighter, faster moving particles race past the heavier particles and exit the column first. The Gold Cube’s forced gravitational, centrifugal and columning effect is called “the G-Force.”

Vortex Matting

Vortex matting Marc prinz

The Gold Cube’s vortex matting works because water flow interacts with a combination of very small pillar walls and cavities—about 7,056 of them per mat. Just like a tornado, the spinning creates a low pressure zone in the center of each of the cavities. Passing gold will be trapped and forced to the bottom of the vortexes and held in place by the lighter material. As gold-laden material is introduced into each vortex mat, it will displace and replace the lighter material. This will create about a cup of super concentrates at clean-up. Amazing!

How The G-Force Separator Works on the Gold Cube

G Force Seperator in action 270x300 Marc prinz

(1) 8 mesh or smaller gold bearing material is added to the water flow (2) on the slick plate (3). The slurry (4) drops into the G-Force Separator (5). The slurry accelerates around the bottom of the trough and the centrifugal force helps move gold outward (6). As all the material leaves the G-Force Separator, high volume water carries the lighter material up and away (7). The gold is then dropped into the beginning of the vortex mat (8). This process is repeated in each of the Gold Cube’s separation trays.

456869839 o Marc prinz


Order Now 300x150 Marc prinz

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