Gold Cube Concentrator Review 2 of 3: How The Gold Cube Concentrator G-Force Separator Works

Gold Cube Concentrator Review 2 of 3:

How The Gold Cube Concentrator G-Force Separator Works

By Marc Prinz


 In this Gold Cube review I take a closer look at how the Gold Cube Concentrator G-Force Separator works!  The Gold Cube G-Force Separator is the second step in the Gold Cube process.  And it is amazing how it works!!!

The Gold Cube Concentrator has a brilliant design and an impressive 98% gold recovery.  I think the Gold Cube Concentrators G-Force separator is genius because is takes the surface tension off the water and forces the gold to collect at the top of the vortex matting.  This is a critical step and one that I love because I work in gold bearing areas that are famous for having ultra fine gold.  Plus I get the best fine gold recovery I think you can get with the Gold Cube Concentrator. You do not have to use Jet Dry or any other detentioner.  Learn more about the two guys that invented the Gold Cube here and see how they sell this Gold Cube direct to the public fro this site. 

gold cube G Force Seperator in action

 The Gold Cube G-Fore Separator Process:

(1) 8 mesh or smaller gold bearing material is added to the water flow (2) on the Gold Cube slick plate (3). The slurry (4) drops into the Gold Cube G-Force Separator (5). The slurry accelerates around the bottom of the trough and the centrifugal force helps move gold outward (6). As all the material leaves the Gold Cube G-Force Separator, high volume water carries the lighter material up and away (7). The gold is then dropped into the beginning of the Gold Cube vortex mat (8). This process is repeated in each of the Gold Cube’s separation trays.

If you want to get one direct from the owners of Gold Cube or want to learn more and watch videos click the banner below or this link here:
gold cube


Let me know what you think about this Gold Cube review!  I would love to have an open discussion and your opinions. Please post below.

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