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The Best Sluices & Sluice Boxes

Sluice boxes are proven and effective among non-powered, sluice boxes are hand-fed equipment. The sluice box is the logical next step up from a gold pan. You will be able to process a lot more material in a day a sluice box rather than using a pan. Below you will find a sluice box for sale that will suite your needs and help you process more material to find more gold faster.

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Jobe 12 Volt Magnum Power Sluice For Sale

Jobe 12volt Magnum Power Sluice



Sluice box  by Jobe Magnum 12 Volt Power Sluice set up, based on the Jobe 45 Stream Sluice, header kit, stand and 2200 GPH Johnson pump with 8 feet of hose. The Jobe Magnum Power Sluice is based on the Jobe 45 Stream Sluice Box (includes stream sluice flare) features 4 fully adjustable legs for easy set up in or out of the water, a header box with flared walls and built in baffle to spread the flow of the water and is powered by a 12 volt, 2200 GPH Johnson Marine submersible water pump, with 8′ of inch and a half discharge hose.

Power sluicing has some major advantages over traditional stream sluices.

1. You can set up where it’s convenient for you, rather than where the stream gives you the right circumstances of drop and flow

2. You control the angle of the sluice box with adjustable legs verses rocks, wing dams and drops in the stream

3. With a pump, water is a constant, so one less piece of the equation to worry about. Add an inline valve and you can bring flow back into the equation with precise control

4. Sit on a stool and quit bending over, even on dry land with 8′ of hose

The Magnum kit includes the stream flare for the Jobe 45, so you can always convert back in areas that prohibit powered equipment. All in all, it’s a nice step up from a traditional stream sluice.

Proline Small Sluice Box For Sale

Proline Small Sluice Box 30 inch



Sluice box:  High quality, professional 30″ sluice box for serious gold recovery. First off, this Proline 30″ is one the finest sluice boxes on the market. The materials, construction and attention to detail are excellent. Proline is known for quality, and they didn’t disappoint on the 30.

At 30″ x 8″ x 3″, this sluice box is light weight at 5.25 lbs, yet perfect for any prospector who likes to move a good amount of material in a day. The sluice will fit in a 5 gallon bucket, as well as most backpacks, even behind the seat of your pickup, in the trunk of your car, most anywhere in your RV, in your canoe, etc, etc. While stow-and-go is a great feature, quality and efficient gold recovery are the top priorities and this sluice doesn’t disappoint there either.

These units are hand crafted to very exacting standards – from the welds attaching the expanded metal to the riffle assembly (one less item to worry about during cleanup), to the smooth edges of the tough aluminum box, to the ribbed matting at the neck of the sluice for easy sampling – these are quality sluice boxes throughout. Oh yeah, and they capture the gold like mad!

Recovery system includes steel riffles over expanded metal over ribbed carpet, with a section of deep-v ribbed matting near the mouth of the sluice for quick and easy sampling for gold.

Mini Highbanker For Sale

Mini Highbanker



Sluice box mini, Run this mini highbanker as a recirculator or right in the stream, all it takes is water and a 12 volt battery to be up and running. The 12 volt Mini Highbanker from Royal Manufacturing is a super portable little wash plant, perfect for backpacking, sampling or a lightweight day trip in the sun. The hopper folds into the sluice box and the adjustable legs are easily removable for easy packing. The whole unit weighs in at 14.2 lbs.

The legs are long enough to run the front half in a tote with the bigger rocks kicked out the back, screened off by the expanded metal grizzly. Let the sluice run into a bucket and use the included bracket to hang the pump off the side of the tote or your sluice to keep it out of any sediment.

The sluice measures 24″ by 7.75″ by 2″. The sluice sidewalls are bent out 90° at the top for greater rigidity. I heard one guy decided to stand in his to show off how strong it was, but it’s not something I’d recommend…

Proline Medium Sluice Box For Sale

Proline Medium Sluice Box 36 inch



Sluice box by Proline’s medium sluice box: At 36 inches long and 10 inches wide, it is excellent for gold recovery, yet still compact enough to be easily carried. At 36″ long by 10″ wide, the Proline Medium Sluice Box offers much of the flexibility and portability of the Proline Small while approaching the Large Sluice for moving material. The Medium also shares many of the same features of both.

Like all Proline sluice boxes, the Medium runs zinc coated riffles and expanded metal over ribbed carpeting. The one-piece riffle assembly is hinged to fold out of the way for easy access to the carpet. At the top of the box is a fixed section of ribbed rubber matting for easily spotting color while sampling. Like the Small, the box itself is flared to capture more flow while maintaining a compact shape for easy packing. Like the Large, the medium has a handle affixed to one side for carrying.

With all Proline equipment, gold recovery is excelent!

Proline Large Sluice Box For Sale

Poline Large Sluice Box



Sluice box by Proline’s largest sluice box features a wide flare, hinged riffles, ribbed matting and more. This is Proline’s largest sluice box at 50 inches, and is built for high production sluicing for gold.

The top of the sluice starts with a wide flare, so wide in fact that we ship it in its own box. A wide flare helps direct more water through the sluice and helps in flow control.

Next comes a stretch of deep V ribbed rubber matting for quick inspection and sampling. If you’re not seeing gold periodically settle in your ribbed matting, dig somewhere else. The gold may eventually wash down behind your riffles, but the matting helps in at-a-glance sampling.

Next comes a stretch of riffles over ribbed carpet. This area will catch the bulk of your gold. The riffles continue with the addition of a layer of expanded metal welded to the underside of the riffle tray. Many other sluice boxes have expanded metal, but few manufacturers take the time to carefully weld it to the riffle assembly. This extra effort means much quicker clean-up, fewer snags in your neoprene and fewer accidents where your prospecting buddy is quoted as saying, “Oops! Sorry, I didn’t see that laying there. Maybe we can bend it back…”

The whole riffle system is hinged and folds right up and out of the way. This makes clean up a breeze! Just release the latches, lift the tray, slide the carpet into your tub and rinse the box. When you’ve rinsed the carpet, slip it back into the sluice, lower the riffles and latch. It’s that easy.

Dimensions/Weight: 50″ x 10″ x 4″ w/ 18″ wide flare and weighs 10 lbs, 11 oz

Folding Sluice Box For Sale

Folding Sluice Box 50 inch



Folding sluice. This 50 inch folding sluice box from Royal Manufacturing folds up small enough to fit in a 5 gallon bucket or backpack. This nifty little folding stream sluice from Royal Manufacturing fits in a small backpack or 5 gallon bucket for the ultimate in portability, yet folds out quick and easy for a full 50 inches. The channel is 9 inches wide. The flare nests inside the folded sluice attached with a wingnut. Set up takes all of a minute and you’re ready to get the flow right and start running material.

The recovery system starts with ribbed matting, followed by zinc coated steel riffles over coated expanded metal and ribbed carpet. Clean-up is as easy as removing a couple of wing nuts.

All in all this is a really cool sluice for out of the way prospecting. Smaller, lighter sluices are available, but a larger box can handle a lot more material, which often means more gold at the end of the day.

Folded Dimensions: 4 1/8″ x 9″ x 15 1/8″

Unfolded Dimensions: 50″ x 9″ x 2 1/2″ deep

Flare: 13 3/4″ wide

Weight: 7 Lbs 8 ounces

Mini-Sluice For Sale

mini sluice box



Sluice mini 24 inch, super-portable, mini sluice box weighs only 3.25 lbs and really gets the gold. This 24″ mini-sluice box is among the smallest aluminum sluices available. It will fit in most packs, fit easily in a 5 gallon bucket, but also has a convenient carry handle. It’s also extremely light weight, weighing in at just 3.25 lbs!

Clean-up is achieved by removing a single wing-nut and lifting out the riffle tray and ribbed carpet. The sluice also has a section of ribbed rubber matting at the top for a quick “sample” view of the material you are running.

Dimensions: 24″ x 7″ x 2.5″

Some assembly required (handle needs to be attached)

Compact Sluice Box For Sale

Compact Sluice Box



Compact sluice with detachable flare and convenient carry handle. Compact sluice with detachable flare and convenient and comfortable carry handle. The flare on this sluice actually nests inside the body of the sluice while carrying, held in place by a wing nut, making it very portable. The sluice includes an extra short bolt and wing nut for plugging the hole in the flare while sluicing.

The over all length when assembled is 30″, 24″ when the flare is attached in its stowed position. The box is 7″ across from inside wall to inside wall and 2.5″ deep. The flare is roughly 11″ across at its widest point. The total weight is 3.87 lbs.

The gold recovery system includes ribbed rubber sampling strip, followed by zinc coated steel riffles over expanded metal over indoor/outdoor carpet.

Some assembly required (the handle requires attachment).

JOBE 36 Yellow Jacket Stream Sluice For Sale

Jobe 36 Yellow Jacket Stream Sluice



Sluice box by JOBE At 36 inches long this is a great medium sized sluice box. This is an excellent medium sized sluice box from Jobe. The 36 Yellow Jacket is 36 inches long, 10 inches wide and weighs only 8lbs.

The sluice is made from aluminum with plated steel riffles. The riffles are specially designed to allow for excellent gold recovery in different water and gravel conditions. The top riffles are stream riffles, making it easier for the water to move the material. Below are Hungarian riffles which improve gold recovery when there is greater stream volume.

The sluice features a section of ribbed rubber matting to make it easier to spot all that gold! The riffle section also easily removes for fast and easy cleanup.

JOBE 45 Yellow Jacket Stream Sluice For Sale

Jobe 45 Yellow Jacket Stream Sluice



Sluice box by JOBE. This large sluice is designed for excellent gold recovery. It is 45 inches long and 10 inches wide. This large sluice from Jobe is 45 inches long, 10 inches wide and weights just 9 lbs. The main body of the sluice is aluminum, with the riffles made from plated steel. The sluice also includes a section of ribbed rubber matting.

The sluice is manufactured with two different types of riffles to ensure maximum efficiency in your gold recovery. The first few are stream riffles to make it easier for the water to start to move the material through the sluice. The remainder are Hungarian riffles to maximize gold recovery.

The riffles latch in the center for easy clean up. The flare is also removable on this model.

It is also possible, with the purchase of accessories, to convert this sluice into a powered highbanker or dredge.

Le Trap Sluice (Bank Robber) For Sale

Le Trap Sluice (Bank Robber)



Sluice box by Le Trap. Popular all plastic Le Trap Sluice Box. The large, all plastic Le Trap sluice box has been popular for many years. The Le Trap sluice, originally manufactured in Canada, now made in the USA produces a small batch of concentrates with good gold recovery. Dredgers have discovered that the Le Trap fits nicely in the sluice of a 4″ dredge and works great at idle for running dredge cons.

Note: This is the Le Trap sluice box in the “bank robber” configuration where the upstream end wall is still in place. To convert to a stream sluice, an opening will need to be cut in the end wall.

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